Should You Wash Your Hair Every Day?

by Sienna Fantozzi

At this point, you've probably been inundated with information about how often to wash your hair. Some people need to wash it every day, while others (this girl included), swear by going several days-a week between washes, and then others forgo shampoo altogether. All of that is well and good, but just because something works for someone else, doesn't mean it's right for you. So let's take this question to the pros: How often should you wash your hair according to science? The answer still doesn't give an exact time frame, but it does shed some serious light on whether you should lather up everyday or not.

Kaiser Permanente dermatologist, Paradi Mirmirani, spoke to Business Insider , and gave serious cred to everyone with a lazy girl hair care routine. According to Mirmirani, no one should wash their hair every day. It doesn't matter what type of hair you have, or if you think you really need to — you still shouldn't, because washing too often can actually cause harm. So what gives?

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"It's paradoxical, but people who wash their hair a lot to get rid of oil are drying out their scalp and producing more oil," said dermatologist and director of Boston Medical Center's hair clinic, Lynne Goldberg. So if you wash your hair so frequently because it's oily and you think it needs it, you're actually contributing to it getting oily more often. Talk about counterintuitive.

While they don't give an exact time frame for how often to shampoo, you definitely want to avoid washing everyday, and instead consider your hair texture. Curly haired girls are fine to go a week between washes, but those with fine and straight hair might want to wash twice a week. In addition, if your hair is chemically processed, go as long as possible between washes so as not to dry it out even more.

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How to figure out what works for you? The experts suggest plain old trial and error. Simple as that.

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