Why You Need To Recreate Amber Heard's Hair

by Sienna Fantozzi

Holiday parties can be slightly annoying if you aren't great at doing hair (raises hand), or just aren't into the whole mermaid hair/cascading curls/glam updos kind of thing — but there is an alternative. Amber Heard was on The Late Late Show on Wednesday, according to The Daily Mail, and she rocked an undone fishtail that proved messy can be seriously elegant.

The 29-year-old actress chatted with James Corden about her new film, The Danish Girl, and wore basically the perfect anti-polished party look. Heard, wearing black pants and a white blouse, had her blonde hair styled in a messy fish tail (with plenty of pieces falling out of it, so it didn't look too coiffed), and it was basically lazy girl hair perfection. But if you're thinking she looked like she rolled right out of bed, she didn't, thanks to her styling. Heard had her hair in a deep side part to add some glam, and had her front bang pieces curled, so even though it was edgy, it was still "done" enough for a dinner or party. So great.

Though Heard kept her eye makeup natural, she did wear classic red lipstick, which dressed up the look even more.

It's the perfect way to look effortless, undone, and edgy, but still appropriate and festive for a party.

She is seriously gorgeous. Want to steal her look for your week of festivities ahead? The best part is, even if you're hair-challenged, you totally can, because the messier, the better. But these tutorials will give you some extra help.

Fishtail-Long Hair

Just make you part your hair on the side and don't braid too tightly — you want it loose and messy.

Fishtail-Short Hair

Don't have long hair? No problem. A fishtail works on shorter hair, too.

Fishtail-Natural Hair

This tutorial will help you recreate the look on natural hair.

Natural Eye Makeup

You want to have some makeup on, but not go overboard with it.

Red Lip

Don't underestimate how difficult red lipstick is to apply.

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