What Would 'Game of Thrones' Westeros Think of Natalie Dormer's New Do'?

Off with her hair! Natalie Dormer, aka ass-kicking, Joffrey-seducing, kingdom-taking Margaery Tyrell of Game of Thrones, debuted her new side shaved haircut at the 2014 SAG Awards on Saturday. It seems that Dormer buzzed off her strawberry blonde locks in order to play the crude Capitol resident Cressida in the Hunger Cames: Catching Fire. We support a girl who is willing to go way out of her comfort zone and completely alter her looks to best portray a character, despite our initial shock. Although, while we may enjoy Dormer's bravado, we think that the inhabitants of Westeros might feel a bit differently towards good ol' Margaery of House Tyrell. Besides, who does she think she is with that hair, Sansa?!

The Game of Thrones Realm has possibly some of the most abrasive, unforgiving, and passionate people we have become acquainted with so we decided to gather a few of our favorite throne-vying subjects to speak candidly on Margaery's new hairstyle.

We shudder to think of the punishment Margaery would suffer as the newly half-bald bride of the insufferable Joffrey. Then again, when we ponder Joffrey's sadistic psyche (cough, weirdo), we discern that he enjoys the unusual (to put it mildly). Perhaps, instead of instant execution, he'd react like this:

It just makes Jon Snow sad (yes, more than usual). He freakin' loves a good head of hair.

Jaime's getting to the root of the issue here, the hairstylists.

Khaleesi doesn't like to bother with things as frivolous as a hair cut, but she thinks Margaery's just doing it for attention. #basic

If you didn't know, before the whole "Red Wedding" thing, Margaery went to Robb Stark for all of her hair styling advice (duh, his silky curls).

Tyrion is sick and TIRED of having to fix every stupid decision made in King's Landing.

Cersei legitimately can not believe that AGAIN someone with that bad of a haircut is going to take her place on the throne.

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