Daring Trends To Try Out This Year

I've never been one to shy away from trying a new trend, but this is also coming from the gal who cut her own bangs in the second grade (my nickname was "tomato bangs"). But for those that are and want to venture out, these are the daring trends to try in 2016 if you're looking to go beyond the expected in the fashion world and dip your toes in the proverbial trend waters.

2015 was a big year for trends — remember the comeback of athleisure, a throwback to the '90s (hello, flannels, ripped denim, and creepers), and the resurgence of mom jeans? And I gotta say, I'm not complaining, and I'm definitely a victim of being a slave to these trends. But adding my own personal touch, of course. Living in a city like New York, it's difficult not to ogle all the beautiful pieces that surround you.

And with the new year coming along, it's certainly a time for reinvention. If you've been trend-shy in the past, and want to join in on the fun, 2016 is the year for you. These are the exciting trends that are still in, and will continue to spill into 2016 with ease. If you haven't tried these yet — there's no time like the present! Trust me — trying something new is always a way to add a bit of excitement.

1. Fringe

BLANKNYC Vegan Leather Fringe Jacket, $138,

So. Much. Fabulous. Fringe.

The Culver Black Leather Motorcycle Jacket, $855,

Fringe has got to be one of my favorite trends purely because it's so much fun. Not only does it move beautifully, but you've got something to play with all night long.

2. Return Of The Punk

Dr. Martens Women's 1461, $105,

As a New Yorker, I'm a lover of practical shoes. And these are just that. Raining? Doesn't matter. Walking for hours? Yep, you're covered. The return of the Doc Marten shoe is glorious, and looks so chic with cropped black trousers. Minimalism at its finest.

3. Statement Belts

ASOS CURVE Waist Belt With Tassel Tie Detail And Square Eyelets, $26.87,

Insert eye-heart emoji here.

B-Low The Belt Bri Bri, $146,

Minimalism may still be raging, but a statement belt is the one exception. There's a reason Kendall Jenner and Selena Gomez have both been rocking the double buckle belt — Because it's edgy as hell.

4. Velvet

The Ragged Priest Paisley For Itself Velvet Tee, $48,

How soft does this look?

Land's End Plus Size Velvet Boot Skirt, $69,

In the land of minimalism, texture is key. Velvet is not only super fun, but super warm as well.

5. Chokers

Eddie Borgo Safety Chain Choker, $375,

Unlike the classic black chokers of the past (which are still awesome, by the way), a metal one like this one gives a bit of a modern update to the beloved '90s trend.

6. Flares

Chiffon Flare Trousers, $59,

Want, need, and deserve these.

Forever21 Plus Sized Flared Knit Pants, $22.90,

The trick to keeping the flared trouser trend feeling fresh is to mix up your fabrics. Flared denim is definitely harder to style than another material, say, chiffon.

7. The Block Kitten Heel

Urban Outfitters Bessie Suede Heel, $79,

Eternally obsessed with the kitten block. Not only are they incredibly comfortable, but they're super chic, as well. 2016, I'm comin' for you in these.

8. Unexpected Fur

New Look Fur Platform, $53.73,

Giving us some Cher Horowitz vibes.

Missguided Mini Leopard Pony Skin Messenger, $30.60,

Again with the playing of textures! Faux fur is always a fun addition to any look.

9. The Skinny Scarf

High Street Solid Skinny Scarf, $14,

I will never get over this trend. Probably because it reminds me of prep school. But this is one easy trend to throw off and look incredibly chic.

Though they say trends come and go, these will definitely be sticking around for another minute. Ring in 2016 with a bang by stepping up your trend game — You won't regret it!

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Images: Courtesy of Brands