5 DIY Tips To Throw The Best Christmas Party Ever

by Joselyn Hughes

December is the one month of the year that everyone seems to get the urge to DIY. But sometimes it's more of a why-did-you-do-that yourself than a DIY dream. And that's where I come in. Hi, I'm Joselyn Hughes, and I craft for the people. Well, the people who want to craft and have fun with it. Say goodbye to all that serious how to and hello to a hell of a good time.

I've listed some great, easy and awesome crafts below that you can do to make sure you have the best #DIYDecember of them all. Basically, with these ideas you're going to the throw the Christmas party everyone wants to be at, and it won't even be that hard. You can even have a glass of wine while you do it.

And for more crafts, check out my new book DIY, Dammit: The Practical Guide to Curse Free Crafting and my YouTube channel that's chalk full of terrific tutorials.

First up is my Tin You Can Do It Candle. This one's from my book, but I've modified (aka drawn trees on it) to make it festivity-friendly. See how easy it is to make things for the holidays?

And check out this video — with friends It's Grace's Grace Helbig and You Deserve a Drink's Mamrie Hart) to see how it's done.

Next to that candle is my Pom Pom Christmas Tree, which you can learn how to make below.

Next we have a version of another craft from my book, Hand Stamped Napkins. I take all that hand stamping and put it right on a tea towel that I bought from the craft store. Not only is this make an amazing gift, but it can soak up any spills you make during your holiday celebration.

All you do is cut a shape from craft foam (in this case "HO"), glue it to a wooden block, add paint and stamp away. Make sure you put something in between the fabric you're stamping so that it doesn't bleed into whatever is under it.

This next DIY is silly, but if you can't dig it, you're probably not drinking beer anyway. It's the Pop Top Poncho — Holiday Edition from my book. But who said you can't modify this to make it fit a wine bottle? Not me. That's a GREAT idea. You should definitely do that. Look how much fun those beer bottles are having!

All you have to do is print out the template from my site, sew or glue the edges together, add some ribbon or poms for flair and slip that thing over your booze bottle of choice!

Finally, make your holidays the brightest by making tiny hats to sport at your soiree. Can this be made with red paper to resemble a tiny Santa hat?! HOW ARE YOU READING MY MIND?! Of course it can! Check out how below.

I hope you enjoy making and living my DIY, Dammits. If you have ideas for what you'd like to see me make, tweet me @joselynhughes and mention @Bustle!

And don't forget to check out my book, DIY, Dammit: The Practical Guide to Curse Free Crafting , available wherever books are sold.

Images: Courtesy of Joselyn Hughes and HarperCollins