"Drake On Cake" Instagram Is A Sugar Lover's Dream

by Kat George

Adapting Drake to our every earthly need is nothing new, but this "Drake On Cake" Instagram certainly is. Even if you're not into Drake, as long as you have a sweet tooth or at least a vague appreciation for baked goods, you're going to love this. I mean, I'm kind of on the fence about Drake but I am ALL IN on cakes so I'm in heaven looking at the pictures of shiny icing and what I can only assume is the moist flesh beneath it. If you happen to love the "Hotline Bling" and "Started From The Bottom" singer too, well, then it's a double whammy for you.

It actually strikes me as a little weird that it's taken us so long to get a Drake on Cake Instagram, given that "Drake" and "cake" rhyme and pairing them seems like the most obvious choice. Drake on Cake's first post was six weeks ago, and the account has already amassed a whopping 15,000 followers, which I guess means it's giving the people what they never knew they really wanted. Drake On Cake is by the amazing Joy The Baker, who will make your mouth water with her joyful (geddit?!) creations. 'Tis the season to be eating baked goods anyway, so get on board with these Drake cakes:

1. This Cake That Will Never Let YOLO Die (Until You Eat It)

2. This Cake For You And Your Bestie

3. This Cake For The One You Love

4. This Cake For Your Intervention Party

5. This Drake Pie, In Case You Don't Like Cake

Images: Courtesy of Drake On Cake/Instagram