9 Thoughts You Have During A Final Exam

This time in mid-December brings about the beginning of the Christmas season, but also the end of the semester for many college students... which means that it's also the dreaded final exam season. Finals are seriously the worst — but in order to bring you some laughs and create a collective "So true!" moment, BuzzFeed has created a video of all of the thoughts you have during exams. I'm sure all of us who have ever been in school know how draining taking exams are, especially when you're bombarded with tests in every course you're taking. And these thoughts? We've all been there.

It's worth noting that good study habits will go a long way towards preventing stress during exam season. Research has shown that doing things like alternating your study location instead of always going to the same corner of the library helps to increase your retention; so, too, does studying a few related concepts in one session, instead of focusing on just one topic. You'll also want to take into account your individual learning style, since listening to study material won't help you if you're a visual learner.

But even when you're as well-prepared as possible, there's still always that moment of "what have I gotten myself into?!" when you actually sit down to take your exams. All of these moments follow closely thereafter, and even more follow after that, too. Scroll down to watch the full video — and good luck, students of the world!

1. "This isn't the chapter I studied for!"

There's nothing quite like studying the wrong information for an exam, only to find out during the test that you goofed up.

2. "You're tricking me to think that it's THIS, but really, it's THAT."

Those dreaded trick questions on multiple choice tests always trip you up. You're anticipating the test trying to trick you, so you try to outsmart the exam by choosing the answer that's not a part of the trick... or so you think.

3. "The last 10 I've done C, so..."

When "C" has been the answer for the last 10 questions, it makes you think the right answer to the 11th must not be "C," even if that's the answer that makes the most sense to you. Oh, the politics of test taking.

4. "If I spell my name right, does that count?"

Many of us probably had teachers either incentivize or penalize us for not putting our names on our tests, so why wouldn't we try to use this trick to our advantage in our latter years in academia?

5. "I'm in rapid fire mode!"

There comes a point during every test where you at least think you know the answers to five questions in a row and answer them all within 30 seconds. This point would be called heaven.

6. "Plenty of rich people dropped out of college."

It's easy to look at people like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates who dropped out of college and became billionaires and think, "I can do that, too!" For the most part, going to college will actually make you more wealthy over the course of your life... but the thought is tempting.

7. "Let me ask Siri what the answer is."

The problem is, you and your teacher will probably hear Siri's answer.

8. "Should I go back to the question I skipped?"

Even a guessed answer is better than no answer!

9."Why does any of this matter? We're all just stardust anyway!"

As we all know, test scores really do add up — but if you're super stressed out, it can be helpful to put things into perspective: One exam probably won't determine the outcome of the rest of your life.

To see even more thoughts, watch the full video!

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