How To Get A Free Sweater For Your Frappuccino

Sweater weather and snuggling up with a warm drink are two essential parts of the holiday season. Now, Starbucks is taking the two best parts of winter and combining them with some holiday cheer to give you sweaters for your Frappuccinos, according to Cosmopolitan. Yes, sweaters for your Frappuccinos— isn't that the greatest invention ever? I think I've gone to coffee heaven.

The mini, drink-sized sweaters are red and white and feature a variety of holiday items and designs on them, like snowflakes, candy canes, and adorable gingerbread cookies. They fit nice and snug on your Frappuccino, allowing you to enjoy your cold drink while keeping your hands warm. You could easily recycle the sweater to outfit on your future Frapps, too, making it the perfect accessory for your drink.

If you're dying to know how to get your hands on one of these goodies today, all you have to do is pay for your drink using your registered Starbucks Rewards card or through the Starbucks app. You'll want to also make sure to mention that you want one of these free sweaters, since supplies are limited. Starbucks locations in the United States and Canada are participating, so our friends north of the border can also score a free Frappuccino sweater.

Important to note: The Frapp sweaters will only be available today (Dec. 18), and only while supplies last, so you'll want to get to the nearest Starbucks ASAP to get one. While you're there, you might want to also try one of their limited edition Ugly Sweater Cookies, which they've made in honor of today's National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day celebration. Their sweaters might be hideous, but the cookies are so adorable, it hurts!

If you notice something a little different about your barista's uniform, it's because employees will also be getting in on the ugly sweater fun by wearing some ugly Christmas sweaters of their own. The company itself acknowledged that while ugly sweaters used to just be well, ugly, they've now become a fun staple that we enjoy during the holidays. "Whereas ugly sweaters used to be salvaged from the back of closets or pulled from the discard pile at used clothes stores, these days they’re department store staples as the holidays near," said the company in a press release.

If you're in, but wondering what else you could use your free Frappucino sweater for after today, here are five ideas for you in the spirit of reusing.

1. Put It On All Of Your Mugs

This could be the perfect wintertime accessory to put on any and all mugs and cups you drink out of this holiday season. It could become your signature look!

2. Give It As A Gift

We're probably all last-minute gift shopping right now, so why not give it to someone as a gift? If you fashion it to be part of a coffee or tea set you're gifting this holiday season, it'll make the whole thing extra special.

3. Wear It As A Cuff

If you love getting creative with your style, why not wear the sweater yourself as a cute cuff on your wrist? It's a great conversation piece.

4. Keep It On Hand

Sometimes you are handed a cold beverage that is almost too cold to hold, so wouldn't it be nice to have your Frappuccino sweater on hand for such occasions?

5. Use It For An Instagram Post

This is the perfect item to use as a part of one of those fancy Instagram "favorites" spreads. It's too cute not to share!

Images: Starbucks (2); Giphy (5)