This Pic Of 11-Year-Old Taylor Swift Is Everything

Taylor Swift is used to sharing some epic throwback pics herself (the photo of a young Swift dressed as the yellow Teletubby will forever be etched into my mind), but the latest #TBT involving the iconic pop star was actually posted by an old friend — an old friend who is giving the world some insight into pre-teen Taylor Swift's musical theatre past. Which obviously means that it might be the best throwback photo of Taylor Swift ever.

Dan Hauk, who presumably starred opposite T. Swift in a 2001 production of Bye Bye Birdie, shared a never-before-seen #TBT picture of himself and Swift in character.

"If I get enough RT, you think @taylorswift13 will help me recreate this pic of us as Kim McAfee & Hugo Peabody? #tbt," Hauk tweeted alongside the photo, which portrays a pre-teen Swift smiling sweetly as a sweater-vest wearing, braces-clad Hauk embraces her.

The two are obviously dressed for their roles — if you're unfamiliar with the characters of the iconic musical, Kim McAfee is the ingenue who is "going steady" with her boyfriend Hugo Peabody (until the Elvis-like Conrad Birdie comes to town) — and look so adorably awkward. It's basically the look of anyone who has ever starred in a middle school play.

Hauk, who lives in Reading, Pennsylvania (Taylor Swift's hometown), is well on his way to getting his wish. As of this writing, the tweet has garnered more than 1,300 RTs from Swifties who are equally as eager to see their fave reprise her role in Bye Bye Birdie (even if it is just in a photo). And why the hell not? The March 2001 photo puts Swift as an 11-year-old fifth grader when she starred in the production, so you can only imagine just how viral the pic would go if it was snapped again with the now-famous pop star and Hauk. Recreations of old photos go viral even when the people in them aren't famous, so there's no doubt that Swift's would have a super huge impact.

And while I personally think Swift would totally be down for a little Bye Bye Birdie recreation — in addition to her own love of throwbacks, she is known for going above and beyond for her fans — she has yet to respond to her old co-star's tweet. To be fair, Queen Swift has a lot on her plate at the moment, being arguably the greatest pop star of our generation and all. But there's no doubt that the only thing that would make this #TBT even more epic would be if the singer decided to recreate it — '50s-esque blue hair ribbon, awkward pose, sweater vest, braces and all. So I think you know what you need to do this holiday season: MAKE IT HAPPEN.