Girl Mistakes A Shopper For Santa, He Plays Along

I'm getting into the holiday spirit in a major way, thanks in part to this video of a little girl who mistakes a shopper for Santa Claus. The cuteness level on this is critical, so be aware that you might be feeling pangs of cheerfulness and your heart might be filling up with random emotions. I'm only saying this because my eyes are currently watering and I'm starting to feel things. This usually means I will be donating a lot of money to random charities, or that I will adopt a stray animal. Oh, December, the one month of the year where I am broke from being nice.

The video shows a little girl at Walmart, who runs into a man wearing a red sweater and mistakes him for Saint Nick. I mean, we can all laugh and say it's silly, but I'm adult woman who knows Santa isn't real, yet I was like yup, that's Santa Claus. The man's white beard and jolly build makes the perfect case for Santa being on break form making toys in the North Pole. I don't blame this child in the slightest.

Here is what makes me really happy about this video. I know that years from now, when this girl is older and doesn't believe in magic anymore, she will have this video to laugh at. Her family will show it at her 16th birthday party, at Thanksgiving when she comes back home from college for the holidays and even at her wedding. So I'm just going to sit back and enjoy this precious moment that I KNOW she will be reliving every year.

1. Initial Reaction

The mother quickly turns on the camera after her daughter makes a beeline for this man. The cuteness level goes up 500 percent when she starts to twirl her hair out of nervousness. Santa, bless him, doesn't miss a beat. He loves that that's what kids think he looks like.

2. Compliments

Looks like the nails this girl rocks got his attention. I wonder if she's going to get extra presents this year for that?

3. Traditions

When the girl's mothers asks what she will be leaving for Santa this year, she replies by saying COOKIES. Such enthusiasm! Even Angelica Pickles would be proud. Important: This little girl knew to tell Santa that he could only have one cookie and share the rest with his hard working reindeer.

Watch the entire heartwarming video below and start getting into the spirit of Christmas — because watching this kind of childhood wonder is the last truly magical phenomenon we are allowed to indulge in.

Images: Youtube (3); Pexels