11 Tinder New Year’s Resolutions To Date Better

by Meghan Bassett

If you have been single in the last few years, chances are you have been on Tinder. Tinder has its ups and downs, but there’s a reason it might not be working for you. Everyone just wants to find their other half, and even if that person is your other half for one night only, wouldn’t it be nice to spend it with a decent person and not a total douche? That’s why I rounded up these Tinder New Year’s resolutions so you can date better.

Is it possible to find online dating gold? I have no idea. If I find it, I’ll definitely let you know. It can be a scary world out there in Tinder-land, but if you are smart about how you communicate and present yourself, it's honestly not that bad. Once I adopted these resolutions for myself, I actually started to see a change in the people I was talking to, and the quality of conversations I was having.

OK, so I already knew to avoid the bathroom selfie, but this list is to cover all the bases. It's time to up your game on the popular dating app, and find yourself some quality matches. Ready, set, swipe.

1. I will not spend hours on Tinder swiping left and right.

How much time are you wasting? Trust me, it’s a lot. Tinder is a great place to "meet" a bunch of people quickly, but you don't have to make a night of it swiping left and right on potential matches. First and foremost, remember that you still have a life outside of Tinder.

2. I will not play the waiting game when I respond to messages.

Waiting to respond to a match for hours or days is not the way to go. Stop playing games, and actually have a conversation. With all the matches people get, if you wait too long you’ll get buried at #74.

3. I will plan to actually meet a match in person.

Forget the texting, the sending of naughty pics, and the witty banter that lasts weeks. Set. The. Date.

4. I will keep dates short and sweet.

Nothing is worse than getting stuck on a never-ending date with someone you don’t like. Make the first date drinks or coffee to make sure you click. You can always extend the date to brunch or dinner if it’s going well.

5. I will start posting more photos, and not as many selfies.

If your profile is all selfies, you probably aren’t attracting the right person. Show that you have a life and personality by including pics that showcase your hobbies and interests.

6. I will listen more.

Listening more than showing off really is the key to making a connection with someone. Make sure to ask your matches plenty of questions about themselves — that way, it will seem like you're interested, and you can find out if you and this person are truly a fit.

7. I will choose my opening messages and profile more carefully.

Skip the “what’s up” and the “hey there” already. Be purposeful with your messages, and with describing yourself in your profile. Again, now is the time to show off your amazing personality.

8. I will be honest about my intentions.

If you are just there for a one-night stand, go for it. But, don’t pretend you’ll be calling the next day. Be honest and upfront. If the person you matched with isn't looking for the same thing, swipe left.

9. I won’t double-book myself or enter a date with back-up plans.

You said yes to the date, so be considerate and stick to your plans. It is only ONE date — you'll survive.

10. I will have a plan for a date.

I hate the “ummm so what do you wanna do?” dance. Even if you think that person is planning the date, have a backup plan just in case. Taking the lead is more attractive than you might think.

11. I will be myself.

Someone being themselves is much more impressive than someone trying to impress others. Be yourself. Be real.

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