9 Holiday Games To Play With Your Family

I have very fond memories of playing board games by the light of the Christmas tree after a long day of traveling, and testing out all my new toys. This was before we all had phones glued to our eyeballs 15 hours a day, of course. So, maybe, like, put down Instagram for one whole hour, and play one of these fun holiday games with your family instead?

I am what one would call a “gamer.” I’ve been playing video games since I was five, and tabletop games for about as long. The last couple of years have seen a revolution in board, card, and other tabletop games as our generation has sought out a bit of Battleship nostalgia. Plus, tabletop games are super cool. With tons of new games out there, you’re bound to find a game the whole family can play and enjoy. And if you can’t find a new game that you all like, you can always check out a holiday edition of a classic like Monopoly or Yahtzee — even if just for an hour before you’re all back checking Facebook and replying to emails.

The games you play don’t have to specially be about the holidays, but, really, you can only play those games during this time of year — when else do you all have time to get together? — so break those bad boys out!

1. Cards Against Humanity

Obviously, this is not a game for the faint of heart — if you don't feel comfortable swearing around your parents, you should probably steer clear of it. But if you come from a family of horribly funny people like I do, Cards Against Humanity will give you hours of joy and disgusted groans.

Cards Against Humanity, $25,

2. Mad Libs

Mad Libs might be kind of old-school, but it's a pretty easy game for the whole family. Plus, think of how much more random and weird answers will get once you've had a few glasses of wine.

Christmas Fun Mad Libs, $3.59,

3. Betrayal At House On The Hill

Betrayal is not a word we usually associate with the holidays, but what the heck. This is a cooperative game, which means you'll all have to work to pit yourselves against whoever turns out to be the bad guy.

Betrayal At House On The Hill, $38.85,

4. Monopoly

I'm still not sure whether The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie, but let's go with Christmas for now. Perfect for Tim Burton-loving families!

Monopoly The Nightmare Before Christmas Collector's Edition, $32.30,

5. Yahtzee

Personally, I've never been a fan of A Christmas Story — it has a lot to do with that kid's goofy face. But I am a fan of clanking dice around a plastic cup and doing basic math, so I'd probably still play this holiday Yahtzee.

A Christmas Story Yahtzee Game, $25.99,

6. Trivial Pursuit

Harry Potter has always been associated with Christmas for me — I got my first book for Christmas, and I was always envious of the amazing holiday feasts in the books. This Trivial Pursuit is mostly focused on the movies, so it also gives you an excuse to marathon them.

Trivial Pursuit: World of Harry Potter Edition, $19.99,

7. UNO

UNO has destroyed many a family with its flurry of numbers and colors. This holiday edition might make grandma's defeat hurt a little less.

Holiday UNO Card Game, $12.99,

8. Sheriff of Nottingham

Nothing says Christmas quite like lying, bribing, and cheating your family in order to win a game. OK, so it's not so dramatic, but this game is sneakily fun.

Sheriff of Nottingham, $24.95,

9. Munchkin

Of course, you'll need the Munchkin base game to play with the holiday pack, but it's all worth it. It's a seriously fun game that's good for kids, and is still entertaining for adults.

Munchkin Reindeer Games Booster, $13.94,

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