Can Zara Save Last Minute Holiday Shoppers?

If you're still making that Christmas shopping list and checking it twice, you might be wondering: will Zara offer free overnight shipping for Christmas this year? I did the research for you and called the Zara in SoHo to try to get a handle on the situation. The representative on the phone told me that the brand is sticking to its regular shipping policies over the holidays, so if you're on the hunt for some trendy wares before Dec. 25, you maybe have to hit the store IRL.

Zara offers free shipping on orders over $50 year-round, otherwise standard delivery costs $4.95 and express is $9.95. Store delivery is free as well. Delivery times vary — according to the website, store deliveries take 3 to 5 working days, standard deliveries take 2 to 4, and express deliveries are between 1 to 2. So there's still a chance you can get that gorgeous statement coat or perfect LBD in time to wrap it neatly under the tree this Christmas, but if you prefer a "better safe than sorry" approach to holiday shopping, I suggest you head to your local Zara for trendy wares.

I am what they call a last minute shopper; I don't always choose to be; most of the time I have great ideas built up in my head and then I forget them all or I have no ideas written down and have to hunt on the fly. But, in the week or two before I fly home for Christmas, you will find me sprinting down Broadway with reckless abandon and fire in my eyes. Call me traditional, but there is something poetic about going to a store and picking something out for a loved one rather than ordering online.

So, this holiday season, go to a Zara store as soon as possible. Or, take pictures of what you ordered your cousin and give them the photos. Want ideas on what belated gifts to give? Here are a few ideas chic enough to make them forgive you for missing the shipping deadline.

1. Something Fluffy

Pale Pink Soft Faux Fur Jacket, $69.90, Zara

Something this warm and fluffy is perfect for winter and says, "I love you; keep yourself warm and fashionable."

2. Something Metallic (And Party Friendly)

Glitter High Heel Shoes, $69.90, Zara

They will have metallics forever and definitely utilize them for all of 2016. Sparkly metallics say, "You're worth it."

3. Something They'll Have For 10+ Years

Red Masculine Wool Coat, $169, Zara

"We never go out of style. We never go out of style." They will forever associate you with their favorite staple coat (and that Taylor Swift lyric).

4. A Tiny Gift Goes A Long Way

Combined Clutch Bag, $22.90, Zara

When you go out, you're going to want them to have room for a tiny flask in their clutch, so get them on that's big enough. Just saying.

5. Something To Put On Their Head

Grey Wide Brim Felt Hat, $39.90, Zara

Never underestimate the power of a good hat.

6. Something For The Parents & The Kid

Ochre Hooded Jacket, $22.90, Zara

Who doesn't want to see a child in a dinosaur hoodie? Monsters, that's who. The parents will probably be so tired around the holiday that any little bit helps.

7. Get That Girl A Blarf

Black and White Checked and Striped Scarf, $25.90, Zara

Trendy and the best accessory of 2015. These always save you on your way to work!

8. Something They Can Wear For Christmas/New Year's

Stone Sweater with a Roll-Neck Collar, $49.90, Zara

Transitional pieces and sweaters are all we really want in our wardrobes.

9. Something They'll Thank You For Later

Taupe Pointed Lace-up Ballerinas, $49.90, Zara

Shoes are a girl's best friend. If you get her sandals for your annual summer trip to Hawaii, she'll love you forever.

This is just a little shopsiration for what time is left to shop at Zara. Happy hunting, Christmas shoppers!

Image: zara/Instagram