Critics Of Zach Braff's 'Wish I Was Here' Are Wrong, Millenials Are Going To Love This Movie

Zach Braff's new movie, Wish I Was Here, made waves at the Sundance festival, despite a long and arduous road to being made, and longterm Garden State fans once again have something to look forward to. From his adorable Kickstarter campaign vid to the big screen at Sundance, Wish I Was Here is the little movie that could, and if the reviews are anything to go by, it's going to need to keep chugging along saying, "I think I can" for a little while longer.

Critics have said a confusing jumble of the same things: Zach Braff is good at deciphering the medians of life, but this movie can get overly cute; it's too feely. However, the overarching feeling can be largely summed up by a point the New York Post makes in their review of Wish I Was Here , "Still, the audience seems to have moved on from that teary-eyed 1990s indie-band feel, so I very much doubt the film will meet with anything like the success of Garden State, which remains one of the most beloved Sundance films."

Well, let me introduce you to the little age group the world loves to complain about more than any other, the mighty millennial. Remember us? According to popular belief, we're the young folks that singlehandedly represent consumer middle America, we are totally unable to take care of ourselves, and we rely entirely on technology and our parents to get through the big challenges in life. Any of that ring a bell?

Let me give you some straight T right here: we fucking love mopey artsy movies about love and life, and we love mopey artsy movies with soundtracks largely performed by Cary Brothers even more. That kind of shit is pretty much our jam. Go ask any college student whether or not they liked Paris Je T'aime and watch their entire face light up, we live for that kind of movie. We cannot get enough of sad/happy films, and throw in a little Zach Braff and some jewish humor, um helllooooo you've got gold.

So to all the critics who halfheartedly supported Braff's latest project, you're gonna be biting your tongues when every Doc Marten-owning, beanie wearing twenty something shows up to the theater with organic banana chips hidden in their bag, ready to be won over by Wish I Was Here. In the same way we religiously watch The Royal Tenenbaums every goddamn year, we're going to memorialize the shit out of Wish I Was Here, and if no one else saw that coming a mile away, well, to quote one of our generation's greatest philosophers, "If ya don't know, now ya know."