Kendall Jenner Goes Natural For 'Vogue' Brazil

by Kali Borovic

There are a lot of different sides to this model, but this might just be her best look yet. Kendall Jenner covers Vogue Brazil's latest issue with a totally minimal makeup look, proving that she really is a natural beauty. I can't think of a better way to start the year than with a fresh face!

While her sisters are known for their fabulous makeup tutorials and contouring advice, the 20-year-old model is sticking to the basics, and it's paying off. Compared to many of her most recent shoots, the natural look is a nice refresher. She kicks off what is sure to be yet another successful year with this fresh-faced cover, reminding everyone just how fabulous she is — even when she's not all made up.

Caught in mid-hair flip, Jenner's cover keeps it casual with almost no makeup, shiny hair, and a patterned top. I'm not used to seeing action shots from the model, so this is a nice surprise. She took to Instagram to express just how excited she was to do the cover with photographer Russell James.

"if anyone knows my modeling journey they know that this man is one of the reasons I am where I'm at today," the caption reads. "so cool to do this cover story with you."

Jenner has kept it natural on plenty of other covers, but this is by far the most comfortable that she's ever looked — perhaps it was shot by an old friend. Here are some of her other most natural covers to date.

1. Garage Magazine

This cover might be super futuristic and artsy, but Jenner's beauty look is light and fresh.

2. Vogue Japan

Look past that giant fur hat and you'll see shiny locks and a subtle smoky eye.

3. Look

She a bit more bronzed than usual, but her minimal makeup is about as natural as it gets.

4. Teen Vogue

I'm a huge fan of this shot. Something about the colors against her mostly bare face is gorgeous.

5. Love Magazine

Jenner might be rocking a smoky eye, but her natural beauty shines through in this up-close shot.

6. Glamour Bulgaria

This is a rare moment in which Jenner actually looks as young as she is. Maybe it's all that blush!

7. Vogue Paris

It's all about the collar in this angular cover shot.

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Images: Garage Magazine, Vogue Japan, Look, Teen Vogue, Love Magazine, Glamour Bulgaria, Vogue Paris