Is Kylie Jenner Over Makeup?

This star made a name for herself over the last year or two for her makeup prowess. Her full, over-lined pout has been a hot topic of discussion for almost all of 2015, prompting her debut makeup product, Kylie's Lip Kit, to sell out instantly. But has all of this focus on her elaborate beauty routine caused her to rebel and go in the opposite direction? Kylie Jenner has been going makeup free in many selfies these days, which makes me think she might be over her reputation as a makeup queen.

In a recent interview with, well, Interview, Jenner told the publication, "I would never wear makeup, because I honestly hate wearing makeup. Lately, I’ve just been so over it. I feel like I’m way too young to wear such heavy makeup all the time." Which is kind of shocking considering she has basically made a career based on looking fabulously made up all the time, but I get it.

Jenner's recent slew of makeup-lite selfies is probably a direct result of the constant uproar regarding her appearance, and she is probably becoming more comfortable with herself, therefore being more honest with the world about who she is, which turns out to be someone who doesn't want to look glam all the time. Can't blame her for that.

Not to mention, she looks adorable with very little makeup, so I think she should keep sharing the makeup-free selfies. It's also beneficial for the self-confidence of her fans, because if people see Jenner wearing minimal or no makeup, and looking confident, it might encourage them to do the same.

Here are a few of her best makeup-free photos.

Her Recent Vogue Shoot

Jenner, Bella Hadid and Lottie Moss went au naturale for their recent Vogue shoot. All of them look beautiful.

This Cute Morning Shot

Jenner looks young and fresh in the morning. Loving her long hair here, too.

In This Lazy Day Selfie

Does she actually have freckles!? Not fair.

This Moody Selfie

She kind of looks like Kendall here. So pretty.

This Family Selfie

Christmas card anyone?

This Silly Pajama Photo

See, Jenner is just like us, lounging around with her friends in pajamas. Although my pajama photos don't tend to get 1.4 million likes. Must be some weird glitch.

This Blonde Selfie

So cute.