The Best #DemDebate Memes & Jokes Of The Night

Although they might be considered very serious affairs, 2016 presidential debates continue to inspire endless Twitter humor, and memes and jokes from the third Democratic debate proved this to be true once again. Sometimes it's just easier to voice your strong opinions about candidates and reactions to their debate performances through a photo or GIF rather than attempt to fit all those feelings into the 140-character space — a picture is worth a thousand words after all. As Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Martin O'Malley duked it out on stage in New Hampshire on Saturday, memes and jokes showed that voters wanted to focus on Clinton and Sanders — sorry, O'Malley.

If you're curious to know how America feels about presidential candidates during or after a debate, or want a good laugh, just scan Twitter — it's all there. Since O'Malley has continuously trailed so far behind Clinton and Sanders, a lot jokes focused on his irrelevance, as well as people who missed former candidate Lincoln Chafee's awkward presence on stage. However, many jokesters focused on the debate itself, ripping on the candidates they don't want to see become the next Democratic nominee or president of the United States.

Here are the best Democratic debate memes and jokes from Saturday night:

On Clinton's Entrance

On O'Malley's Campaign Data

On Lincoln Chafee

On Post 9/11

On Powerful Confidence

On Sanders' Teeth

On O'Malley's Guitar

On 5-Hour Energy

On The Moderators

On The Back Door

On The Force Awakens

On Jedis

On The Teacher's Pet

On House of Cards

On OKCupid

On Sanders' Name

On Clinton's Lateness

On Wolves