Hillary's Greatest Line About Trump

Saturday's presidential debate started with exchanges between candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton on this week's Datagate, but the Democratic front-runners quickly turned focus to their shared enemy when Clinton called Trump "ISIS's best recruiter."

When asked how she would deal with the threat of ISIS, both domestically and abroad, Clinton laid out a several-pronged approach that included airstrikes, sophisticated intelligence gathering, and working with, not against, Muslim communities within the United States. She argued that Trump's plan to ban all non-American Muslims from entering the country would be the very thing that may strengthen anti-American sentiment among the Muslim community and convince those communities with whom we could hope to have a coalition that there is a clash of cultures borne of anti-Islamic sentiment coming from the United States. Trump "has used bluster and bigotry to inflame people," Clinton said, and she makes the case that such inflammation will serve to grow ISIS, not diminish its impact.

As for Clinton's charge that ISIS was showing Trump videos to potential recruits, which sparked lots of conversation on Twitter, there is no evidence of this being verified fact. Though in the past Trump has been a vocal Twitter user during the Democratic debates, his feed was silent on Saturday night.