This Kylie Throwback Is Adorable

Kylie Jenner's Instagram does everything an Instagram should do: showcases her stellar selfie game, shares some funny jokes, and captures fun times with her famous friends and family members. In particular, the star excels at the throwback game, even when the old shots don't actually come on a Thursday. Just take the video she shared over the weekend, which proved her title as reigning #TBT Queen Supreme. On Saturday, Jenner shared a Christmas throwback from KUWTK, an adorable clip showing her younger self freaking out over a Christmas present. Not only are her teensy tiny baby pajamas super cute, her victory dance over her present and squeals of joy are equally amazing.

But the craziest thing about the video? It makes you realize just how long Keeping Up With the Kardashians has been on. It's insane to think the show started in 2007, nearly nine years ago. And while thinking about Kim, Kourtney and the others' younger selves is strange, it's realizing how young Kylie and Kendall Jenner were at the show's start that really hits hard. As Jenner's Christmas glee in that video show, they were just kids, totally naive about how huge the series — and their lives — would eventually turn out to be.

And as odd as it is for fans to see the duo growing up on camera, it must be even weirder for the sisters themselves. Jenner's throwback video, for instance, was already watched by millions on an episode of KUWTK a few years back. Meanwhile, I post a video of myself on Instagram and it's the first time anyone besides my family and carefully selected others have seen it. Kylie and Kendall have lived so much of their lives in front of the cameras, and while the throwbacks they share are certainly cute, they're a reminder of how crazy their years have truly been thanks to KUWTK.