Did Zayn & Gigi Just Confirm Their Relationship?

Lovers of former One Direction bandmate, Zayn Malik, I've got some bad news for you. You ready to hear this? Although there have been rumors for a long time now that Malik might be dating Gigi Hadid, they were just that — rumors. Now, though, they might have just been confirmed, as the 22-year-old posted a photo with Hadid on his Instagram on Sunday, showing the two embracing in a cozy snuggle.

Malik and Hadid have been getting awfully chummy since she broke it off with other former boy band member Joe Jonas earlier this year, as photos of the duo hanging out have shown. Still, their relationship has never been confirmed — there has been no definite statements from the rumored pair, no announcement of "yes, world of pop culture enthusiasts, we are a couple now. Please begin the shipping process. We will accept flowers." Regardless, this recent photo posted by Malik himself certainly adds fuel to the fire, and has many (including me) convinced they're an actual pair. Check out Malik's Instagram below and determine your own opinion on the matter. Are he and Hadid actually dating, or are they just messing with all of us by posting adorable photos like this?

Sorry, Zayn fans, this Instagram shows the duo looking more-than-just-friends close. The way Malik's eyes are closed in what seems like such bliss from Hadid's nuzzle showcases a pronunciation of coupledom, in my eyes. But hey, remember guys, it's not a legit relationship until it's Facebook official (well, maybe not in celebrity world). There's no actual confirmation that the duo are dating yet — although after a sweet photo like this, I'd be pretty surprised if they weren't actually an item.