9 Memes For The First Day Of Winter

by Kat George

The first day of winter, or winter solstice, is Dec. 22, which means a few things. First and foremost, it means that we're going to start being very, very cold, but it also means it's time to whip out hilarious winter solstice memes. After all, we are going to need some giggles to keep us warm. If we were in Westeros, we would be royally screwed, and laughter is the only way to cure any anxiety related to worrying about Westeros. That's where these funny winter memes come in. Because it wouldn't be a day of the week if there wasn't a meme to go with it, would it?

When the sun is down by 5 p.m. and everything is snowy and blustery and you are under a blanket all cozy inside, it's the jokes that will get you through to spring, because we need something to hold onto when our motivation to go outside hits an all-time low. From the obvious Game of Thrones-inspired memes to some more unexpected ones, on the first day of winter it's memes, memes, and more memes. Here are a few of the best ones to help you survive the first day of winter.

1. Throwing Away Your Razors On Winter Solstice

See? Winter isn't all bad!

2. Preparing For Work

Uh, yeah, sure. I'll be right there.

3. Feeling Pessimistic About Winter Solstice Like...

Time to get out the ice scraper.

4. Getting Excited For Winter Like...

That enthusiasm lasts for about an hour, before you realize those snowflakes are gonna be sticking around for the next three months.

5. Practicing Your Balance Because...

This is too real.

6. Preparing For Serious Seasonal Challenges

There is no happy medium.

7. When You're Trying To Talk Sense Into Excited Winter Lovers

Hello there, cold and flu season.

8. Being A Winter Solstice Denier Like...

That will show Mother Nature.

9. And A Walken In A Winter Wonderland Meme For Good Measure

Winter isn't just coming, folks — it's here.

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Images: We Know Memes (6); Meme Center (6)