Paulina Vega Was A Vision In Teal At Miss Universe

As we get ready to crown Miss Universe 2015 on the evening of Dec. 20, the time has come to reminisce about Miss Universe 2014 and all of her reigning glory. Paulina Vega at the 2015 Miss Universe pageant stunned in a teal gown that was the very epitome of breathtaking beauty, and you just have to see it.

The former pageant queen graced us with her presence on stage to impart some wisdom on this year's contestants. "These ladies need to know that they're already winners," she said on stage. I'm really digging the female support here. As the first Colombian Miss Universe in over 55 years, Vega clearly has a strong sense of pride for her country, saying that for her, "The main thing was to make Colombia proud." She added, "Thank you to Colombia, it was an honor to represent you."

Vega not only spoke beautifully, but she looked gorgeous doing it as well. Her aqua-colored gown was so insanely chic that it hurt. The bold teal color combined with the beautiful full skirt that effortlessly spilled to the floor was pure perfection. Featuring a plunging neckline, a thick waistband, and a thigh-high slit, the look was clearly all about sexy but classic glamour.

Take a look at the stunning ensemble.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

One word: obsession.