“The Other Christmas Gift” Asks Kids To Choose Between Presents For Themselves & Their Parents — VIDEO

Between travel, family gatherings, and cookie swaps, many people begin to feel a little burned out by the time the season is at full swing, and it can be easy to forget the true sentiments behind the holiday season. In Atlanta, Ga., underprivileged kids choose between presents for themselves and their parents in a new video, "The Other Christmas Gift" made by Rob Bliss Creative for UPtv — and remind us that giving, not receiving, is the real holiday message.

For families living in poverty, making ends meet on a month to month basis is hard enough. The holidays can add an additional strain, as our society and media can really hype up the importance of travel, decorations, and, of course, exchanging presents. It's hard not to get swept up in the rush of gift buying for adults, certainly, but as a kid, it can feel even harder not to compare your holiday experience to that of your friend or classmate, who may have received plenty of presents and a holiday vacation, to boot.

In his video, Bliss and producers asked from kids the Metro Atlanta Boys and Girls Club (83 percent of whom come from low-income families) what they wanted for Christmas. Their answers were totally typical for kids their age: toys, video games, and a laptop. Then, producers asked kids what they thought their parents would want: a few kids wanted to give their mothers jewelry, while one went with a new TV, and one went with the ever practical choice of a new coffee maker (hey, everyone needs their caffeine fix).

Then, with both gifts in front of them, the kids had to choose between the gift for themselves, and the gift they thought their parents would love. Here's how it went down.

While this young woman was excited about her laptop, she was thrilled about the necklace for her mother. You can feel the sincerity in her reaction, and it's truly heart warming.

Just as sincerely, you can feel this boy's struggle when he realizes he has to choose between a truck and a ring for his mother.

So, how does it turn out? Bliss confirmed to Mashable that 80 percent of the kids interviewed chose the gift for their parents. Bliss noted that he started the process with 35 kids, then did the gifts with 18 of them, and from there, 80 percent of those 18 opted into the gift for their family.

Even better? Regardless of their decision, Bliss told Mashable, all the kids got to take home both presents.

I don't know about anyone else, but I can't think of anything more in line with the holiday spirit than true selfless behavior, and when you're ten, it's definitely selfless to give up your new doll or laptop so your parent has a gift under the tree.

Remarkably, these kids aren't the only ones who emulate kindness and charity over the holiday season. Recently, Sami Rock donated his birthday presents to London's homeless community, which shows a pretty high level of empathy and social concern for a 10 year old. Teenager Makayla Olson is set to donate 200 blankets to kids who will be in her local hospital, Primary Children's Hospital, over the holiday season. With young people embracing the real message behind the holiday season, it's a good time for all of us to sit back and be reflective on what we can do to help spread compassion, kindness, and selflessness over the holidays.

You can watch the full "The Other Christmas Gift" video here:

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