Olivia Culpo's Best Beauty Secrets Revealed

If I had to distill what I've learned about Olivia Culpo's beauty secrets into two words, they would be "good genetics." Just watch a before-and-after makeup video, or read about her gentle, natural-insired beauty routine and you'll probably want to join me in cursing your ancestry. I mean, yeah, sure, I wear these hips of the women who came before me with pride, but dang, some perfect eyebrows for balance would have been nice.

Culpo should probably just be studied by science. But she does have some really smart advice for how to get the most out of your natural beauty and how to take care of your body in a way that makes you glow from the inside out. Some of her best tips involve things you might already have in your kitchen.

She's also no snob when it comes to beauty products. In her high-lo makeup challenge, she put her high-priced brands up against drugstore brands and wasn't shy about sharing when the drugstore stuff beat out her designer goods.

Her genetics my give her a leg up in the beauty industry, but her routine and tips can totally give you a leg up in your everyday life. Because it's all about being the best version of yourself, right?

1. Take Care Of Yourself

Culpo is passionate about healthy foods, plenty of water, and tons of sleep. I mean, tons. In an article for beauty website theOutfit, she told writer Alex Abel to take whatever amount of water you're drinking and add a bunch more, even if you're already drinking a lot. She says that and a ton of sleep are the ways her beauty icon, Audrey Hepburn, aged so gracefully.

2. Moisturize

The thing Culpo cares about the most (in terms of her beauty routine, of course) is her skin. She wrote in Byrdie that it's really important to her that she have clean-looking, hydrated skin, and that sometimes, she'll only use tinted moisturizer. As for the rest of her body, Culpo likes to use a kitchen staple: coconut oil. She shaves her legs with it and uses it to moisturize everywhere. She also uses a little bit of vitamin E oil on her face.

3. Air-Drying

How does Culpo keep those beautiful locks looking sleek and healthy? Well, for starters, she just lets nature take its course when she gets out of the shower. She likes to walk around until her hair air dries. If she must, she will use a blow dryer a little but on her ends or something, but mostly not. She prefers Oribe shampoo and conditioner.

4. Less Is More

Culpo told Fashion & Style that the best piece of beauty advice she ever received was from her mom, who always reminded her that "less is more." She advocates using just enough makeup to make you feel confident, and that while it's fine to use it to express yourself, you also need to remember that it's all about what's on the inside.

Working on being beautiful on the inside is totally advice I can get behind. So take that, all you judgmental people who think pageant winners are all style and no substance.

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