Can You Cut Your Nails With A Gel Manicure?

If you're a gel manicure devotee, then you probably know by now how strong and shiny they can make your nails look (not to mention how much longer the polish lasts), but what you may not know is the right way to care for them. For example, can you cut your nails with a gel manicure? The answer isn't a steadfast no — I mean, of course you can do whatever you want to do, but cutting them will run the risk of ruining them, so it's probably best not to.

Spending the time and the money to get your nails done isn't something you want to have to do more frequently than necessary, so you want to make sure your gel manicure lasts as long as possible. And since gel polish lasts longer than regular polish, you want to get the most out of that time frame and make sure they actually hold up the standard two weeks or more. Therefore, you probably want to avoid cutting them. When you cut a gel manicure, you remove the seal and make it easy for water to get in between the gel and the nail, and then the gel could lift off and your manicure will be totally ruined. So that kind of sucks. If your nails are just feeling too long, avoid cutting them and file them instead.

Making sure your gel manicure lasts isn't just about maintenance while it's on, it's also about how you prep. Here are a few tips for how to prep your nails before you get a gel manicure.

1. Trim Them

Clyppi Fingernail Clipper, $13, Amazon

Go in with your nails the length that you want them — or even a little shorter — so you don't feel the need to cut them once they're done.

2. Oil Your Cuticles

Essie Cuticle Oil, $9, Amazon

If you apply gel polish over your cuticles, it could cause premature lifting. Use a good cuticle oil to push them back and/or remove with tweezers before your manicure.

3. Buff Your Nails

Revlon Nail Buffer, $6, Amazon

Buff your nails to loosen dead skin and remove the shine.

4. Cleanse

Swan Alcohol, $6, Amazon

Use a 99 percent isopropyl alcohol-based cleanser to dehydrate the nail plate and remove the oils so the gel will adhere better.

5. Choose A Light Color

Just Polish Gel Polish In Seashell Pink, $10, Amazon

Light colors won't show chips/cracks/imperfections as much as dark will.

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Images: Amazon; Pixabay