These Christmas-Themed Dog Portraits Are The Jolliest Thing You'll See This Year — PHOTOS

Looking for a little more cute in your Christmas? These adorable Christmas-themed dog portraits have “holiday cheer” written all over them. Shot by Oszkár Dániel Gáti, a portrait and pet photographer based in Hungary, this photo series features a bunch of different furry friends sporting Christmas décor, from sparkly tinsel to antlers to strings of lights. In a post on Bored Panda, Gáti writes, “I just want to wish happy holidays to everyone with a couple Christmas-themed dog portraits that I took. Every dog deserves a Christmas present!”

These portraits have me eyeing my dog and wondering just how much she would try to kill me if I put Christmas lights on her. (Probably a lot.) For his part, Gáti seems to have had good luck with his canine subjects, who look unfazed by their festive new accessories. Gáti assures readers on Bored Panda, “We took these photos with LOVE, therefore no dogs were harmed in the process. They were not forced, they did it willingly for tasty bits of super delicious treats.”

Scroll through to see the portraits. I think my faves are the ones with the long ropes of sparkly garland. And who wouldn’t want to be the person in the middle of this canine holiday sandwich?

Images courtesy of Oszkár Dániel Gáti Photography