11 EGOT Winners Who Range From The Super Famous to the Widely Unknown

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As if winning just one prestigious award wasn't enough, some people have to go and win all of them. And so it is for the eleven members of Hollywood who've won an EGOT, the abbreviated name for the combination of Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony. It's a small group, but a prestigious one; winning all four awards is considered the highest honor a person in show business can achieve. And during this year's Academy Awards, there might be one more name added to the list — Robert Lopez, composer of Frozen and current winner of Emmy, Grammy, and Tony.

If Lopez wins the Oscar for "Let It Go," he'll enter into one of Hollywood's most elite, envied groups. Yet for all the prestige EGOT members have, not many people actually know who they are. Here are the eleven people that Lopez will hopefully join come March 2:

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