So Much More Puppy Bowl Cuteness

If you're not excited about Puppy Bowl X, it's time to meet the pupletes, buy the gear, and cheer on your favorite vehicles of warm fuzziness. Advertising Age took an exclusive look into the making of the bowl de puppy, and their findings will make your Monday more adorable, but they also point out some rad additions to this year's festivities.

Did you know that the Puppy Bowl now has cats? Instead of Joe Buck's non-analogies and generally terrible NFL announcing, there will KITTENS. IN A LOUNGE. A KITTEN LOUNGE. Commence screaming and jumping like Agnes in Despicable Me . At halftime, Keyboard Cat will make his Puppy Bowl debut, and he might break the internet. But, just like the real Super Bowl's bizarre pairing of Bruno Mars with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Keyboard Cat will have a partner, the younger, talented Lil Bub. It's even been announced that Keyboard Cat will play Bruno's "Locked Out of Heaven," it's been rumored that he might do it better than Mr. Mars himself.

As if those additions to the Puppy Bowl were not adorable enough, the creators have replaced the questionable chicken cheerleaders with penguins. I'm hoping they march, but even if they just blink and poop, it will probably send America into a spiral of internet squees and giggles. So, unless you need to see whether Seattle or Denver fans are more, ahem, lit for the Super Bowl, you should just watch Animal Planet.