Hillary Clinton Responds To Chelsea's Pregnancy With So Much Joy & Excitement

Just minutes after Chelsea Clinton tweeted the announcement that she was pregnant with her second child, a baby due in the summer of 2016, Hillary and Bill Clinton responded via Twitter with joy and enthusiasm about their second grandchild. The baby will follow Charlotte, who turned one year old this past September. "Next summer, Charlotte is going to be a big sister! Feeling very blessed & grateful this holiday season," Chelsea wrote, attaching a photo of her one-year-old holding a book that reads, Big Sisters Are The Best.

"Your dad and I could not be happier for you, Marc, and Charlotte. We’re so excited to meet our second grandchild! -H," Hillary wrote on Twitter, ending the note with the "H" moniker that makes clear that the tweet is from her personally. Meanwhile, Bill wrote: "Christmas comes early! @HillaryClinton and I are thrilled for Chelsea, Marc and Charlotte’s growing family in 2016!"

It's an exciting time for the Clinton family. If all goes to plan for the Clinton campaign, Charlotte's second child will be due as Clinton's campaign enters its home stretch next summer, just a few months before the general election — assuming that Clinton, currently the Democratic party's frontrunner, can beat out Bernie Sanders — meaning that 2016 could be the year in which Hillary Clinton becomes president and grandmother a second time over.

The announcement comes two days after the third Democratic debate of the season, in which Hillary suggested that ISIS was using Trump to recruit. Trump has demanded an apology from the former secretary of state, and her camp responded Monday afternoon with a firm, "Hell no."