These Makeup Return Policies Will Help You Get What You Really Wanted — PHOTOS

While we're all super grateful for the presents we have received, we've all seen the lines at the malls for returns. If you've got a gift that isn't your jam, these beauty return policies are perfect for your holiday exchanges. While you may assume that retailers won't allow you to return items like cosmetics, that's definitely not the case. In fact, some will even allow you to lightly use before returning, so don't jump the gun before returning that foundation you don't think you like.

Despite the plethora of gift guides that are online, there's always a chance that your Great Aunt Susie is going to grab a perfume that just isn't going to be your new signature scent. We've all been there, and it definitely doesn't mean that the gift wasn't appreciated. According to RetailMeNot's Retail and Trends Shopping Expert Sara Skirboll, 33 percent of people return unwanted gifts, another 30 percent regift them, and 24 percent donate their unwanted gifts. So while re-gifting is always an option and people seem to be participating, it becomes a sticky situation if you've got a stock pile built up.

Thankfully, however, Skirboll has lent Bustle a couple of tips when it comes to returns. One of the biggies? Holding onto some of those unwanted present for a bit longer. Skirboll explains that there's always a holiday rush. By waiting until after Jan. 1, you'll avoid those crowds. Perfumes and clothing are the biggest ticket items for returns, so if you've received an item you know you don't want, keep the tags on the packaging intact to make your returns easier. Skirboll also suggests knowing the return policies of the store you're returning to, and while this isn't an exhaustive list, hopefully, it'll make your returns a bit easier this season. Here are seven beauty retailers with great return and exchange policies.


Sephora's return policy is fairly standard, but since it's such a huge retailer, it's important to know. The store allows shoppers to return items for an equal exchange without a receipt. For those lucky enough to be granted a gift receipt, you can get money back in the form of the original payment. Simple. Basic. Good to know.


Ulta is one of those beautiful retailers that allow gently used returns. If returned within 60 days, you'll be given store credit without a receipt. However, if you've got a receipt, you'll be able to have tried out a new product and get money in exchange.


Like Ulta, Macy's also allows gently used returns, but their policy is a bit more complex. When returning an item without a receipt, you'll be given a store credit, but there's a chance it won't be for the full price. Macy's looks at the prices over the past 180 days and uses the lowest price as the refund.


Target allows you to return gently used beauty products within 90 days of purchase. Exchanges are welcome without receipts, and full returns can be given with a receipt. Just make sure credit doesn't go to the original purchaser, because awkward.


Kohl's has what they've termed "hassle-free returns," and it's pretty damn true. There's no problem if you have no receipt and haven't been sitting on the gift for a year. Bring in the item, and the store will give you credit. If you've got the receipt, you'll be able to get your money back. The greatest aspect of their return policy though is the 12 month grace period. Basically, you can wait out the returning crowds before bringing back that body wash set.


Nordstrom ranks high on the list of retailers with the best return policies. Although beauty items are reviewed on a case by case basis, there's a good chance that you'll get credit with or without your receipt.


Lush is great when it comes to Christmas presents, but maybe you've been gifted a soap that's scent just isn't right for you. Lush, however, doesn't accept returns in their retail stores or products purchased there. Their return policy is also pretty strict as a general rule, and to return, you'll need a prior authorization through customer care before mailing back the product.

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