'Bachelor' Juan Pablo Galavis Apologizes Again & This Time It's a Step in the Right Direction


After the homophobic comments The Bachelor's Juan Pablo Galavis made over the weekend, he is now on a mission to make himself clear and apologize to anyone he may have offended. If you haven't been following the story, Galavis called gay people "more pervert in a sense" and spoke about how he doesn't think a gay Bachelor is a good idea. He then apologized on his Facebook page, but that didn't go over well either as he went on to say that gays are "too racy" for some television viewers to accept. Now, Juan Pablo Galavis has apologized again and plans to meet with GLAAD.

According to GLAAD's website, Galavis spoke with Monica Trasandes, their Director of Spanish-Language and Latino Media, and apologized again for his offensive statements. His entire apology reads,

It is a much better apology than the one he wrote on Facebook and it seems that he had some help this time with his English. Galavis will meet with Trasandes and other representatives from GLAAD as well as with Latino LGBT families and individuals in Los Angeles later this week.

It already seemed that Galavis wasn't a hateful person, but rather someone who was ignorant and (somehow) unaware of their words being offensive. It looks like the outrage Galavis' insensitive words have caused might end up being a necessary shove in the right direction as far as Galavis gaining a better understanding when it comes to LGBT people and a better grasp of how his words impact the lives of others.