You're Not a Loser, Enrique

Enrique Iglesias must has sold his soul to the devil, because he looks like a sad (yet purring) Spanish teenager in his new video for his song, "El Perdedor," which translates to "The Loser." He duets with Mexican singer Marco Solis in the track, which is the second single off of his upcoming 2014 album.

The video dropped on Monday, and it looks like Enrique tweeted something sexy and forbidden about it in Spanish, but what the tweet really translates to is:

My video with @ # elperdedor MarcoASolis is here! Check it out and give it a like, comment and share it!

Even though the ballad is called "The Loser," Enrique is totally not a loser. First of all, his skin looks amazing. Do you know how many women would weep for his skin? Including his ex-girlfriend, Anna Kournikova? Did he just have a facial peel? The man is 38-years-old, people.

Also, the song is very melancholy and weep-y, with Enrique looking yearningly at a beautiful woman in the crowd with another man while he sings. Well guess what, dude... you're the one on a stage with people coming to see you. Forget her. Career first. He's the loser!

Do people just get up and magically start dancing a carefully choreographed dance for losers? Nope, didn't think so.

If you don't speak Spanish and want to know why exactly Enrique thinks he's a loser, the translated lyrics are below:

What more do you want from meWhen the past is proof of your loveAnd I don't have the courageTo escape from the pain foreverIt's too much of me to askFor us to continue in this hypocrisyHow much longer will I be able to liveIn the same lie

No, don't go around bragging, noThat you've stolen my heartAnd I have nothing more [to give]Yes, I'd rather be the loserThe one who has given you everythingAnd I have nothing more [to give]I have nothing more [to give]...

I can no longer continueResisting that strange sensationIt chills [over] my skinLike the winter out of seasonYour gaze and my gazeIgnoring each other in the distanceAll has become meaninglessAnd emptiness is better than forgetting

I prefer to let you goThan to be your prisonerAnd don't go aroundClaiming to be the mistress of my emotions

What more do you want from meWhen the past is proof of your love

You can watch the full video for "El Perdedor" below:

Images: YouTube