'Pump Rules' Jax Taylor Has An Insane New Tattoo

It's time to pull out your list of "how to avoid becoming just like Jax Taylor." Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor got a new tattoo, he shared on Instagram Monday. Shocking, right? Apparently, the reality star wanted to do something in honor of his friendship with Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval. Obviously, the thing that makes the most sense is to go get some fresh ink.

Don't get me wrong, I love tattoos and have three of my own, but Taylor is no stranger to getting some insane tattoos, which he just did — again. Do you remember that time he got Stassi Schroeder's signature permanently etched on his bicep? They weren't even together at the time, but he thought it would be a wonderful way to win her back. FYI, it didn't work.

Anyways, now it looks like two new names are part of his body. As you can see below, his tat reads: "Tom, Tom & i." He wrote alongside the photo, "Everyone who was wondering if I got a name tattoo this year..yes.. I got two @twschwa @tomsandoval1 are the lucky ones!!" He added, "Say something negative I will delete and block your ass!!"

Uh oh, is he going to block me on Instagram now? Whatever the case, it's one thing to get a tattoo reading "Tom & Tom," but the "i"? I guess Taylor wanted to recognize himself as part of the SUR bromance that is still going strong. I mean, it's great that his friendship with the Toms runs deep enough that he feels confident to get their names tattooed. That said, it's just strange that he got an "i" to represent himself. The tattoo is on Taylor's body, so isn't that kind of redundant? I guess you can't have the two Toms without Taylor.

Not to mention, getting a name tattoo is a curse and bad things are just waiting to happen. Here's hoping Taylor didn't just jinx his friendship with Schwartz and Sandoval. When will he ever learn? Clearly, it takes him awhile to catch onto things, you know, like the fact that lying is bad.

Leave it to Taylor to get a tattoo that is both so typical of him and so insane. Now, let's ask the most important question: Do you think Peter Madrigal feels left out? I think he should count himself oh so lucky.