9 Gold Makeup Tutorials To Wear From Now Until New Year’s Day — VIDEOS

Gold is a primary color in the holiday color palette, but hasn't received much love in the last few years. Typically, gold is perceived as more of a summertime shimmer shade, and less of a winter necessity. I'm here to prove the haters wrong. Here are the best gold holiday makeup tutorials to wear from now until New Year's day.

Gold looks great on all skin tones. I know so many fair and cool-toned girls feel like gold isn't the right pick for them, but it's simply not true. Lighter, frostier gold tones and rose gold tones can look beautiful. For medium to dark skin tones, gold is really where your complexion shines. You can up the ante and really pack on color.

Gold is a great complimentary shade to a wide range of colors, from green to blue and browns. If you don't want a statement look, you can simply dab gold shimmer in the middle of your lid to make eyes pop and look wider. Or, you can dab a bit of golden shadow or highlight in the center of your lips for a festive, fuller pout. Really, the possibilities are endless with gold shadow.

Below are some of my favorite golden holiday looks from the best YouTube beauty bloggers.

1. Gold Glitter & Matte Lips

Red and gold is perfect combination for Christmas Day.

2. Cranberry & Gold

Mauves, cranberry shades, and reds look beautiful when paired with golden shimmer shades.

3. Emerald & Gold Holiday Makeup Tutorial

Green and gold is by far my favorite holiday look, and you can easily do this with cream or powder eyeshadows.

4. Gold Holiday Smoky Eye

This look is classic and really pops on darker skin tones. Add a cat eye or leave a bare lash line depending on how much time you have and what you're feeling.

5. Gold Smoky Eye & Red Lips

If you didn't believe me, here's the proof: Gold looks amazing on blue eyes and fair skin!

6. Rose Gold Eyes & Red Lips

I love this monochrome looks that blends rose gold, pink, and red without looking like a hot mess.

7. Golden Sparkle With Drugstore Products

You don't need expensive products to pull off this look. In fact, some of my favorite gold shadows are from the drugstore.

8. Pink & Gold Duochrome Holiday Glam

This is a super feminine look that I love to wear as a makeup "uniform" when I'm traveling for the holidays.

9. Silver & Gold Tutorial

I love this blend of two classic holiday colors, and it looks great on all eye colors.

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Image via NikkieTutorials/YouTube