Sasheer Zamata Gives An Amazing 'Girls' Tour That Is Hilariously On Point

For all those New York girls that are always going on about how their life is "JUST like an episode of Girls right now," your lovely friend Madison has curated all the best spots in Greenpoint that appear on the show. Saturday Night Live's Sasheer Zamata gives this fake Girls tour oh so well. And guys, now you can live out your Grumpy Lena Dunham New York fantasies, IRL! "I moved here after the show," Madison beams stupidly in this on-point parody.

It's the perfect two-minute bite of cringe-worthiness — she's so eager and excited about "the groundbreaking show," which apparently is the first show that has ever been made about young, struggling people in New York. It's the voice of a generation, after all! Some of the best lines (every line in this short script is a good one): "I thought I met my Adam at a warehouse party, but it turns out he was addicted to heroine." "I got in the bathtub with my roommate the other day and I was like, omg we're so Girls right now and she was like, oh my god get out of the bathtub."

And the best line of them all: "I like to think of myself as the fifth girl, but like, I never get any airtime because I'm just suuuuuuuuper busy." Just a little snark from Zamata, recently hired as the first black player on SNL in six years, commenting on the lack of any black girls on a show about Brooklyn.

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