How Your Apple Products Changed In 2015, Because It's Been A Big Year For Your Favorite Tech Company

Though no one will ever replace the legend that was Steve Jobs, Tim Cook has been going strong as CEO of Apple for over four years now. In 2015, Cook and his team Holly Holm'ed every competitor out there. Sure, the Apple car may not be in your driveway just yet, but the world still saw plenty of new and revamped old come out of the company this year. Here are all the ways your Apple products changed in 2015, making them even better than you thought possible.

For the most loyal Apple customers, product launches are a big deal. When Cook shows features of the company's newest gadget, it's better than any blockbuster movie, and if you don't know how much thinner Apple has made the newest MacBook, you're kind of a noob.

For those who aren't as deeply invested into the latest Apple happenings, but you make sure to pick up the newest iPhone every time a contract upgrade rolls around, the technology and design tweaks come as pleasantly surprising gifts. And in 2015, there were gifts on gifts. From exciting new colors to sleeker models, Apple proved once again why it's pioneering the industry.

1. The Apple Watch Was Unveiled


After waiting, and waiting, and — yes — waiting, April brought the release of the Apple smartwatch. No more searching for your ringing phone in your purse or backpack, because the Apple Watch lets you get to those calls with one tap. All that fitness tracking capabilities weren't a bad add-on either.

2. Apple TV Was Totally Revamped

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There may be a lot that's cool about the 2015 Apple TV, but Siri as a permanent guest in your living room is clearly the showstopper. She's not the kind of guest who asks for snacks you don't have in the pantry. She's the kind of guest who finds the newest episode of Girls for you and hits play right on cue.

3. The iPad Went Big... Like Really Big

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The iPad Pro, which was introduced in November, is Apple's largest yet with a display that's over a foot long diagonally. If you've been one of the critics not fond of the Apple pencil that goes along with the tablet, it's OK to embrace change slowly. It's optional, anyway.

4. That Gold MacBook Happened

Have you ever seen anything more beautiful? OK, I have (see below). But plenty of Mac users are all about this gold, and I can see why.

5. The Even Classier Rose Gold iPhone Debuted, Too


I'm all for a nice gold, but when you bring rose gold into the picture, it's like there's really no other option. Covering that baby with a phone case would just be wrong, even in the name of protection.

6. 3D Touch Interface Brought A New Dimension To Your iPhone

3D Touch literally senses how deeply you press on your phone display. Besides being super helpful for doing all the essentials (think previewing your e-mails without opening them), it makes using creative apps or playing games ridiculously cool too.

7. The MacBook Lost All Those Unnecessary Ports

David Paul Morris/Getty Images News/Getty Images

I know it sounds a bit scary. How will you plug in your earbuds? Or all those dozens of gadgets you own that need USB ports? But trust me, Apple has it all figured out. If Cook says it's going to make my life easier, it probably will — as soon as I purchase all USB-C compatible products.

8. iPhone 6s And 6s Plus


When the motto for the product launch is "The only thing that's changed is everything," you know it's going to be good. With the newest iPhone, you got 3D Touch, Live Photos (the Harry Potter movies definitely inspired this feature), and a chip that used to only be used in desktop computers. Get outta here.

9. The Force Touch Trackpad Came Into Your Life

In line with 3D Touch for your phone, the new MacBook's trackpad senses how much pressure you're applying when you press on it. And you can click on the pad anywhere you like. Oh, the possibilities!

10. The Apple Watch Went Runway

Stephen Lam/Getty Images News/Getty Images

In September, Apple introduced its new collection of smartwatches made in collaboration with French-design brand Hermes. The watches, which start at $1,100, may not be easy on the bank account, but you couldn't deny how fun it would be to rock the Apple/Hermes baby that is the Double Tour wrap watch.

11. Your Keyboard Turned Into A Hundred Butterflies

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I'm OK with anything that's named after a butterfly, especially when that name is replacing something known as the "scissor mechanism." The new butterfly mechanism keyboard on the MacBook reduces all that wobbling going on when you type. Three cheers for keyboard stability!

12. Literally Everything Got Thinner


Okay, not 100 percent true. The iPhone 6s is a teeny tiny bit thicker than the last model. But your MacBook and your iPad got even slimmer.