'Game of Thrones' & 'True Detective' Prove Antlers Are TV's Hottest Instrument of Death

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If there is one inanimate object out there really making the most of the positively murderous sort of television that's on TV these days, it's the esteemed head bone that pokes its way out of many a species of deer: the antler. Seems like any show you see on television today that involves serial murderpeople, an antler appearance isn't far behind. I mean, I suppose these folks are hunting, in a way.

Be it the bespoke nature of decorating these days, or yet another representation of sexual selection — only the strong survive! (only in this scenario, by strong we mean clinically insane and bloodthirsty) — mammalian head bones are having a serious moment for their apparently effective and all-out-creeptastic ability to murder people with simultaneous visual insanity. To prove our case you need only look at three shows (and everybody knows, three things make a trend) to see our point. Click through to see the proof.

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