Kanye West Will Be On 'American Idol' In January, But Will This Rising New Artist Make It In The Music Industry?

A mystery has been revealed on Wednesday morning thanks to Kim Kardashian West. As we all know — but couldn't explain — Kanye West auditioned for American Idol, and to say it delighted and bewildered us all was an understatement. I mean, I don't think I even need to explain why future President Kanye West doesn't need to be auditioning for anything except SWISH and/or his next award show interruption speech. While it was clear that Kanye was just pulling a prank on the celebrity judges — who were even more delighted by the move than the audience was — it appears that there was more than just Kanye's sense of humor at work here. According to Kardashian West's Twitter, Kanye will appear on American Idol in January, although we still don't know in what capacity. You know, besides as a contestant really hoping to make a music career take off.

Kardashian West posted a clip from the American Idol episode on Twitter, which featured Kanye West nervously entering the American Idol building while the voice over introduces him as, "Kanye from the South Side of Chicago" and reveals that he "always wanted to rap and nobody really believed in me." Meanwhile, an ever supportive Kardashian West stands outside and states that she isn't nervous because she knows that he's going to make it. This footage goes along with the Instagram and Twitter videos that the world got an eyeful of in October 2015, when news of Kanye's American Idol audition first hit the Internet. Apparently, it makes up the fodder for the premiere episode of American Idol's farewell season on January 6.

From the brief looks we've seen of Kanye's audition, his "Gold Digger" performance will leave a lot to be desired. However, as we know from the Instagram video, he gets that golden ticket to Hollywood. From this, I'm guessing that Kanye scares (re: delights) the hell out of some unsuspecting American Idol contestants who just came out here to have a good time and are honestly feeling so star-struck right now. Just imagine for a second going into this competition thinking you have a shot and then seeing Kanye freakin' West walk out with a golden ticket to Hollywood. I don't know about you, but I'd pack up and go home right then and there. (No, wait, I'd get an autograph, and then I'd pack home and go home right then and there. Priorities.)

Now that we know that Kanye's prank was really part of what is sure to be the greatest episode of American Idol in history, we all have even more of a reason to tune in to the premiere episode of what will be the final season of the show ever. I need to find out if rising artist Kanye West makes it all the way to Hollywood. Will he win the competition? Will he be voted out because he forgot all the words to "Power?" Will someone out-perform Kanye on a Kanye song? These questions and many more will soon be answered, because American Idol apparently loves their audience.

Until then, I suppose we'll just have to wait and love Kanye for being so hilarious in between his on-stage rants.