This Dita Von Teese Lipstick Tutorial Is The One Thing That’s Missing From Your Life — VIDEO

That classic screen siren, red-lipped look was absolutely made for some celebs. Like Marilyn Monroe, Gwen Stefani, Taylor Swift, Rita Ora, and Dita Von Teese. The latter is all about a va-va-voom and vampy scarlet lip, all of the time. Did you ever wonder how Dita Von Teese creates her signature red lip look? What techniques does she employ to get that perfectly painted crimson pucker? Well, her tutorial for Mode is pretty spectacular and takes you through her step-by-step process.

It even shows DVT sans any lipstick at all. Now that's a sight you don't see every day!

The burlesque star, who always wears red lipstick for a very specific reason, offers her tips and techniques for creating three bold lip looks in this three-minute clip. That's efficiency right there.

In the tutorial, Von Teese rocks a hot pink pout, a cherry red pucker, and a matte, deep ruby red lip look. #Glam.

Von Teese was adorbs when she said that she never leaves the house sans lipstick and that she can' t believe she was on camera without her red lip! She stepped outside of her comfort zone... in black heels, of course.

Here she is, bare-lipped and beautiful.

Here are Von Teese's lip tips for executing a perfect red pout, no matter the texture or shade.

1. Start With Lip Liner

The model always starts with a matching lip liner so that the lip color she uses can adhere to it and so that the overall lip look is saturated. She overdraws her natural lip just a tad, noting that’s "OK." She then colors the entire surface of her lip with liner, too, since it offers not only depth but staying power.

2. End With Lip Liner

Once she applies her liner and then her lipstick from the tube, Von Teese then finishes with another trace of lip liner to clean up any edges. That's pretty brilliant. Liner keeps everything in check and prevents bleeding.

Von Teese also took a hot sec to dispel a myth. While some fashion magazines suggest that red lips should not be "too perfect," Von Teese vehemently disagrees, saying that red lips should always be perfect. I tend to agree. A messy, smeared, smudged, on-the-teeth red is so not sexy!

3. Splurges & Steals

Von Teese admits that she is all about the luxury of a YSL red, from the formula to the gold case. But she isn't above rocking a $1.99 shade if the color slays. So keep that in mind when shopping for reds. It's all about color payoff.

4. Pinky Swear

DVT rests her pinky finger against her chin when applying liner and lipstick. This move helps steady her hand when lining lips. It helps with creating a sharper, defined, and deliberate line.

You can watch her create a hot pink, cherry red, and ruby red lip and see which specific products she uses in the video.

Here she is with no lipstick again! Stunning, of course. But she really knows how to rock that red.

Images: Mode (8)