Lindsay Lohan Announces Next Movie At Sundance, Traps A Bunch Of Reporters In A Room

It must be weird to be Lindsay Lohan. As in, I wouldn't be surprised if hers is in the list of top 20 weird existences in the Western world. Which is why even when she does things that might seem outlandish to people who've never been banned from the Chateau Marmont or upset Oprah, you just gotta remember that her perspective is a rather unique one. And so Lindsay Lohan announced her new movie on Monday at Sundance — and literally locked a bunch of reporters in the room to do so. Perspective.

The film she was announcing? It's called Inconceivable, about a girl who creates "silent chaos," whatever that means, and it will be produced by Lone Survivor and End Of Watch producer Randall Emmett. The film is a psychological thriller, to be shot in New Orleans or Atlanta, and Lohan will co-produce. Emmett also called Lohan "one of the best young actresses of her generation."

As for why Lohan's people felt the need to "lock down the room" for the press conference? Hell, who knows. What we do know is that Lohan mentioned wanting to cast Jessica Lange in the film, and suddenly I desperately want to see a film in which Lange plays some kind of older relative of Lohan's. Or Lohan can just hurry up and appear on American Horror Story: Coven, because I would pay to see her play a witch, and that is the highest compliment I can give a person.