9 Hair Accessories That Don't Feel Juvenile

by Emily McClure

Bows, headbands, and pins, oh my! In a world of bedazzlement and ribbons, some hair accessories can leave you feeling like a child. Embrace your inner grown-up by upgrading your traditional hair embellishments for more stylish pieces. An easy way to take your accessories from babyish to badass woman is by choosing items with a bit more edge and individual style. Personally, I love pieces that make a statement. Whether they're wrapped in leather or lace or adorned with jewels and studs, there are plenty of fierce hair additions that will make you feel like the true queen that you are.

Don't feel as if you can't rock hair accessories for fear of looking like a little kid. It's totally avoidable! For me, I try to avoid hair accessories with big bows or skinny headbands. It reminds me way too much of my time in middle school. However, that may just be the step you would like to take. As with any fashion choice, stick to pieces best for your individual style. Wondering what hair accessories look totally adult and mature? Here are nine fashionable pieces that will upgrade your hairstyle without looking childish.

1. Lace Head Wrap

Headband, $4.90,

Forget messy buns. Hide any bad hair days with this lovely lace head wrap from Forever21.

2. Triangle Pins

Bobby Pins, $6,

Tame your stray hairs into place with these stylish, geometric bobby pins.

3. Emerald Wrap

Velvet Headwrap, $36,

Oh, this old thing? It's just the latest in adult couture.

4. Jeweled Bobbys

Bobby Pins, $34,

Nothing says "I'm a grown ass woman" like statement bobby pins.

5. Pearl Pieces

Pearl Pin, $16,

Oh, don't mind me – just holding up my messy bun with a pearl encrusted pin like the adult that I am.

6. Metallic Pony Tail Holder

Pony Tail Holder, $12,

Step aside basic black elastics. You don't have anything on this gleaming pony tail holder.

7. Beaded Headband

Headband, $16.97,

What I love most about this headband is that it's basically a pseudo-crown that you can wear in public without any judgement.

8. Triangle Cuff

Hair Cuff, $27,

Want to look like you have your life together? Use a gold cuff to tie back your hair. It's very adult chic.

9. Beaded Comb Headband

Jeweled Headband, $12.50,

This headband practically shouts that the wearer is a stable, cultured adult who makes smart decisions. It's the supportive best friend that your hair just needs.

See? Hair accessories aren't just for kids. Channel your inner adult, and get yourself some amazing hair swag.

Images: Courtesy Brands