‘Star Wars’ Socks Look Really, Really Good On Jaime King — PHOTO

You want to talk about taking fandom to the next level — nobody does it quite like this lady. Jaime King posed topless with Star Wars themed socks because how else do you show your love for a movie franchise, you know? The Stance socks are pretty cool, and that’s coming from me — someone who’s not nearly as much of a fan as King and her family.

Not only did she have Star Wars accents at her wedding, but the movies also inspired her baby shower and her first child’s name. I hadn’t thought of it before, but James Knight is similar to Jedi Knight, and yes — that was intentional. So, when I say this woman is next level with her love for these films, you know I really mean it.

Whether she’s, you know, naming her children after it or repping it in a super fashionable way, King knows just how to show how big of a fangirl she is. She’s never tacky or over-the-top while flaunting her obsession. She just, you know, casually poses topless along side some Chewbacca socks, and you’ve got to love that about her. See six times she’s shown how much she loves Star Wars, because the force is definitely with her, always.

See, she's super casual about how deep her love goes.

Chewie Socks, $20, Stance

Besides, these are pretty cool by anyone's standards.

1. Gown Inspiration

This is how King gets inspiration for her red carpet looks.

2. Besties

Of course James Knight would be best friends with R2-D2.

3. Fan Of Style

She's the queen of fashionable fandom.

4. Play Time

Her son's toys are the coolest ones a fan could have.

5. Date Night

I'm sure this is her idea of a perfect date.

6. Star Wars Couture

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Of course, she wore a custom gown to the biggest event of the year!

The force is with her, and it's a stylish force, at that.

Oh yeah.

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Image: Courtesy Stance (1); Giphy (1)