Here's How Twitter Celebrates #Festivus

It's a Festivus for the rest of us. The rest of us, of course, being Twitter. In honor of the infamous Seinfeld holiday, Festivus, the Seinfeld Twitter account encouraged followers and Festivus observers alike to participating in the airing of grievances using the apt hashtag #AiringOfGrievances and #FestivusGrievances. The "airing of grievances," of course being the tradition of professed complaints put forth by George's belligerent father, Frank Costanza, played by the ever-hilarious Jerry Stiller. Or, as he simply put it, "You gather your family around and tell them all the ways they have disappointed you over the past year." As you do.

Of course, there are other elements to the subdued holiday in addition to whining and making your loved ones aware of their shortcomings. For instance, as Jerry explained to the once Festivus-ignorant Elaine, Frank decided to put up an aluminum pole in lieu of a Christmas tree. Then, there's also George's hated, "feats of strength." So spirited and lovely. But, since Twitter can't exactly erect a tangible Festivus pole or go through the motions of the "feats of strength," I suppose the Seinfeld account figured that the #AiringOfGrievances hashtag was the way to go. But, then again, that didn't stop people from trying to go all out for Festivus in their own way, or at least trying to, even if they didn't have any grievances to air.

Here are some of the best #Festivus, #AiringOfGrievances, and #FestivusGrievances tweets this Festivus holiday season.

People Who Are Festive For Festivus

Great Grievances

For the record, plastic Adirondack chairs really grind my gears, too.

My Personal Favorite

And, Of Course, Those Showing Off Their Decorative Festivus Spirit

Even though technically, it requires no decoration.

Now, I'll leave you all with the "Story of Festivus."

I hope you enjoy Festivus with those who disappointed you most this year.

Image: NBC