Your Favorite ‘Step By Step’ Character Says A Lot

It was The Brady Bunch of our day. A modern version of the story our parents had grown up watching: Two families joined together through marriage to form a more perfect union. But, in the case of the Lamberts and the Fosters on Step by Step, that union was far from perfect. Unlike the oh-so-perfect Bradys, the two families that joined after the hasty wedding of Frank and Carol Lambert were far from ideal in their integration. Instead of mixed rooms and sibling love, there were endless clashes, arguments, and problems that stemmed from the joining together of two families. But, as imperfect as the Fosters and Lamberts were, I totally loved them. And I think that your favorite Step by Step character says a lot about who you are as a person.

It’s a theory I’ve been tossing around for some time, this idea that who your favorite character on a certain show was says a good deal about who you were when you first watched, and who you probably became later in life. After all, the characters we relate to in movies, television, and books is often who we feel the most like. Are you the youngest child? Chances are you aligned yourself with Cindy Brady. Always felt like the left out one in your family? Then you’re totally a Jan.

The same holds true for Step by Step characters. Chances are your favorite character was your favorite because he or she was the one character you had the most in common with. In that way, your favorite Step by Step character says a lot about who you were and who you have become.

Frank Lambert

You’re a laid back kind of person, an avid sports fan, and most likely a fan of the Green Bay Packers. If not, you root for your team with the same kind of vim and vigor as Frank always did. Oh, and you’re probably really good at fixing things.

Carol Foster Lambert

Always the one with the perfect hair and makeup, you care about how you look. But you’re also savvy about it. You probably use it to your advantage in business and in your personal life. Although you may sometimes feel as though you are limiting yourself, you have big dreams, and if you keep working on them, they are bound to come true.

J.T. Lambert

So you’re sort of a slacker. Who cares? You’d rather sit around and watch the game than get into anything too academic. You also tend to dislike change in a major way, especially when it comes to your daily life and the people you love most. Like your family.

Alicia Lambert

You’re the all-American type, more likely to be ready to go out and do something than sit around and gossip with your friends. You also resist change, but are easily influenced by the people you love. If they’re not into something, chances are you’re not going to be either.

Brendan Lambert

You’re laid back. You go with the flow. And as time goes on, people tend to see less and less of you. Why is that?

Cody Lambert

People often mischaracterize you. It might be because you’re not the most eloquent of people, but, underneath that off-putting manner of speaking and the sometimes not so with it behavior, you’re incredibly mature and intelligent.

Dana Foster

You are smart, you take no prisoners, and you are an outspoken feminist. You have no problem standing up for yourself and holding your own. And you have absolutely no tolerance for men who are not progressive and neat.

Karen Foster

You’re convinced everyone hates you because you’re beautiful, and that may be the case. But you have amazing moments of insight and level-headedness, even as the people around you devolve into argument and tension. You stay above the fray and often come out on top because of it.

Mark Foster

You love computers, books, school, and anything tech-related. You probably were picked on a little in school and even a bit of a loner, but you grew out of that quickly and showed everyone when you became the found of a tech startup that made you a billionaire.

See what I mean? Who you loved in the Lambert/Foster family says way more about you than you ever realized.