What To Wear When Traveling Somewhere Warm

by Sienna Fantozzi

Winter is one of the busiest travel times of the year because if you live somewhere cold, there's a definite chance you want to take the opportunity to travel somewhere warm while you're in the worst of your yucky weather. While white sand beaches and warm sun sound like a serious improvement from shivering in the snow, the act of getting to your destination isn't exactly seamless. So if you're wondering how to dress when you're traveling somewhere warm, you might want to check out some of these ideas.

Going from a cold climate to a warm climate in a matter of hours is problematic. You don't want to freeze your butt off when heading to the airport/train station/in the car/etc., but you also don't want to arrive someplace warm looking like a legit snowman in your winter down coat. Not cute (or comfortable, for that matter).

The strategy is obvious, but it deserves to be reiterated: layering. The best way to stay warm on the departing end, but cool down quickly when you arrive is to layer strategically. So I've rounded up some of the best pieces for layering to help make traveling from the cold to the heat a little bit easier.

1. Tank Top

Woven Cami, $15, Asos

A tank top is light enough to wear underneath just about anything without being uncomfortable, and as soon as you arrive at your destination, you can take off your outer layers and you're ready to go.

2. Long Sleeved Shirt

ASOS Plus Size Long Sleeve Top, $29, Asos

Resist the urge to wear a heavy sweater and instead wear a long sleeved shirt that will cover you up, but be light enough to stuff in a purse/bag when you arrive.

3. Tights

ASOS Curve Tights, $13, Asos

You can wear tights underneath shorts/a skirt/a dress for warmth, but take them off as soon as you get warm.

4. Shorts, A Dress, Or A Skirt

Floral Midi Skirt, $56, Asos

Instead of wearing pants, opt for a warm-weather item that you can just layer tights under.

5. A Scarf

Blanket Scarf, $48, Nordstrom

It's super easy to wrap yourself up in...and even easier to take off.

6. Cardigan

Leith Cocoon Cardigan , $74, N ordstro m

Instead of a bulky jacket, wear a cardigan that you can easily take off and drape over your shoulders when you get to your destination.

7. Flats

Sam Edelman Flats, $100, Nordstrom

Don't wear boots. You won't end up wearing them the rest of your trip, and they're a nightmare to pack. Instead, opt for flats. You can wear tights/socks with them to keep yourself warm, but they're also cool enough to wear in warm weather.

Images: ASOS; Nordstrom