7 Signs Kaitlyn & Shawn Are Getting Married ASAP

Call me crazy, but when every season of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette ends, I start counting down the days. Not the days until the happy couple gets married, but the days until the happy couple becomes an unhappy couple and their messy breakup gets splashed all over the tabloids. I know that this is incredibly pessimistic of me, but given the success rate of the couples that come from ABC’s hit reality television franchise, it’s more realistic than pessimistic to brace myself for the breakup. But when it comes to Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth, the latest couple to meet on The Bachelorette, it looks like something else is in their future entirely. On Wednesday they released photos from their engagement shoot with Brides magazine and the images are absolutely stunning.

But the traditional photo spread that most betrothed couples go through isn’t the only sign that these two are headed for the altar super soon. They’ve been spreading their love all over social media and getting serious about each other and their lives together. And from what I can tell of their public displays of affection, they’re more likely to head to the chapel to get married than to the tabloids with their breakup story. If you ask me, there are a number of signs that Shawn and Kaitlyn are going to get married really, really soon.

1. Those Engagement Photos

Really, why would they take that very big step if they weren’t moving forward with wedding plans in earnest?

2. How Much She’s Loving Normal Life With Him

Even after all this time in the real world, Kaitlyn says it’s normal life that she loves the most about being with Shawn. She spoke exclusively to Brides about how their love has grown, saying, “I truly believe we were meant to be together. He is my type to a T. I didn’t even know I had a type until I met Shawn. Everyone asked us how it was going to be when the fancy extravagant dates were over and the cameras were off, and we both agreed that we couldn’t wait for that. It has only gotten better.” Sounds like the real deal to me.

3. He’s Becoming An Entrepreneur

Shawn recently tweeted about his new business venture: His own health and wellness website where fans can get customized meal plans and workouts. The fact that he’s exploring new business ventures definitely suggests that he’s trying to provide a solid base for his life with Kaitlyn.

4. He’s Over Their Rocky Past

Recently Shawn posted pictures of him at a charity even with Nick Viall, the man who was vying for Kaitlyn’s heart and who also slept with her before their fantasy suite date. The two were at major odds all season, but the fact that Shawn has been able to put his anger and jealousy behind him signals a maturity that might just mean he’s ready for the big leagues when it comes to relationships.

5. They’re Already Practicing With Kids

On Thanksgiving Booth posted a picture of Kaitlyn with his niece that is so stinking cute and so suggestive of the future they see with each other.

6. She’s Trying On Dresses

It may have been for a bit with Jimmy Kimmel, but Bristowe reposted the photo just a few weeks ago. It seems like wedding dresses are definitely dancing in her head.

7. They’re Already Combining Families

How sweet and devoted is this: Kaitlyn spent Thanksgiving with Shawn’s family without Shawn. Booth apparently stayed home with a head cold, but Bristowe still spent the holiday with his family, not hers. If that isn’t a sign that she is committed to becoming a part of his family, I don’t know what is.

If there is one Bachelor/Bachelorette couple to thaw my cold, cold heart, it might just be the two of them.

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