Ariana Grande Does Sexy Librarian So Well

Ready to be schooled in how to perfectly execute the sexy librarian look? Well, this Instagram image of Ariana Grande in glasses will do just that. The singer is often a mix of cute and sexy in her pouty-lipped Insta selfies. Well, she just added "nerdy" to the equation with a shot in her reading glasses. She peered over the top of the frames with her signature, slicked back, half-up, half-down pony in full effect!

Comedian Amy Schumer rocked no makeup and glasses on her Insta feed the other day and Selena Gomez showed of her tortoise shell frames earlier this fall. Britney Spears wore her glasses just this week, too. As someone who wears contacts and glasses, I love seeing celebs show off their specs.

Grande doesn't post too many pics while wearing her glasses, but when she does, lookout! As she noted in her caption, glasses are essential, since she needs them for vision correction. That's not always the case, as lots of people actually rock glasses purely as an accessory, rather than as something that serves a corrective purpose.

Her slicked back 'do and her tank added to the librarian-like sexiness of this selfie. But this isn't the only time Grande has shown off a drastic or different look on her IG.

It's quite a thermonuclear shot of the singer. She ditched her usual air kiss pose in favor of this straightforward and straight ahead snap.

Here's her usual mega-lashed, doe-eyed, and puckered up pose.

Here are five other times she surprised us by changing up her look on Instagram.

1. Platinum

When promoting the release of her new single "Focus," Grande revealed a shock of white hot hair. It was a wig.

2. Catwoman

She is known for her cat ears. But she went full on "masquerade" with her cat mask! It was a sex kitten moment for Grande.

3. Bun Fun

I felt like she could communicate with life on other planets thanks to the braid buns atop her head. It was her modernized take on Princess Leia's look.

4. Flippin' Out & Wiggin' Out

Grande rocked bangs and a turnt up flip, Carol Brady style. It was just a wig and some good times.

5. Natural Hair, Don't Care

Grande's natural curls are usually blown straight and assisted with extensions. So when they made the rare appearance, I was totally and pleasantly surprised.

While Grande's IG photos are usually edited with the Moon, Willow, and Inkwell filters, she does throw in several unexpected shots here and there.

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Images: Ariana Grande/Instagram (7); Courtesy Brands (2)