Embellished Hair Is The Hottest New Year's Trend

Want to sparkle extra hard on New Year's eve? Look no further than embellished hair as the hottest New Year's eve trend to try out as the world switches from 2015 to 2016. From clips to to bobby pins to headbands, you have no excuse not to glam it up this holiday no matter what your hair length or style.

While rocking sparkles on NYE isn't exactly revolutionary, leave it to classic cool girl Alexa Chung to take it to the next level and add a dose of bedazzled shine to her hair. As reported in Telegraph, Chung rocked embellished hair this past October while attending Bulgari's "Bulgari & Rome: Eternal Inspiration" exhibition in New York. Chung sported Bulgari's white and gold diamond High Jewelry brooch and Diva drop earrings for the event, and looked chic as all get out in all the bling.

If you lack the thousands of dollars necessary to replicate Chung's level of bedazzled style this NYE, you can still try the embellished hair trend without breaking the bank.

None of the pieces below are over $50, and all of them will make you sparkle and shine as the clock strikes twelve. Have fun!

1. Gold Crystal Hair Clip

Gold Crystal Hair Clip, $25, DreamsByTheSea

No doubt Chung would approve of this gorgeous gold piece.

2. Open Air Hair Slide Clip

Open Air Hair Slide Clip, $29, Kapelika

Minimalists can get in on the embellished hair trend, too!

3. Antler Flower Branch Clip

Antler Flower Branch Clip, $15, BeyondTheBasics

For an extra unique embellished piece, this clip is sure to stand out.

4. Beaded Hair Clip

Beaded Hair Clip, $21.39, SheSellsHeart

Embellishments don't have to mean crystals and diamonds. Beads make a beautiful and surprising alternative!

5. Hair Chain With Floral Embellishment

Hair Chain With Floral Embellishment, $11, ChainMarie

If you're nervous about a clip falling out, consider an embellished hair chain.

6. Silver Octopus Hair Clip

Silver Octopus Hair Clip, $21.95, SpotLightJewelry

Rock your love for all things aquatic with this super nifty octopus embellished pin.

7. Bedazzled Hair Combs

Bedazzled Hair Combs, $27.50, MissJoansBridal

These budget-friendly hair combs will get you super close to Chung's original look.

8. Laurel Leaf Bobby Pin

Laurel Leaf Bobby Pin, $18, OliviaBrun

Boho babes, this one's for you.

9. Austrian Crystal Hair Pin

Austrian Crystal Hair Pin, $35, LyndaHats

For all kinds of glam, this Austrian crystal hair pin won't disappoint.

Images: Courtesy of Brands