Anderson Cooper Loves Cher, and We Love Anderson Cooper

Watch this video here, and then rejoin us. Okay, ready? So, I know. That was the cutest Anderson Cooper moment in the never-ending series of cute moments that is Anderson Cooper's life. But Cher gets people really riled, and watching her get more and more uncomfortable with Cooper's awkward Cherstories was so beautiful. Then, watching him apologize was ever more beautiful, because although he was saying sorry for being weird about Cher... he continued to be weird about Cher. Insert Moonstruck joke here that ends with "Snap out of it!"

I really hope Cher takes him up on that hair-braiding offer. And then they film Cooper stroking Cher's hair and telling her made-up stories of their childhood together while Cher desperately signals to the camera asking for help. I wouldn't help her, but I would sure as hell treasure that moment forever, just like Anderson Cooper would.