Kylie Jenner's Christmas Gift From Olivier Rousteing Is Glittery & Green — PHOTO

Now that's a high fashion Christmas present, since she and her family are BFFs with the top creative guru at Balmain! Kylie Jenner's Balmain dress, which she wore while partying on Christmas Eve, was a Christmas gift from the brand's creative director Olivier Rousteing. The embellished and embroidered mini was glittery, green, and it sparkled, with statement, squared off shoulder pads. It hooked in the front, showing off a sliver of skin down the length of the front of her body in a teasing way!

In her Instagram photo caption, Jenner bragged about the emerald green mini being a gift from Rousteing and I can't say I blame her. I would be boasting about scoring a gorgeous gift from such a thermonuclear designer, too!

Not to be outdone, her mother Kris Jenner also rocked a sparkly, red Balmain mini with lots of gold and black, brocade detailing. They were sort of twinning and in Christmas colors at Ma Jenner's annual soiree.

You can look at the dresses and know they are Balmain, since Rousteing's style is so definitive and is now instantly recognizable, thanks to his gamechanging Balmain x H&M range, which sold out in nanoseconds and sparked "Balmania" in early November.

Let's peep the Jenner ladies in their Balmain party frocks.

Her nude and pouty lips, no doubt the work of her Kylie Lip Kits, paired perfectly with her glittery green mini.

The caption pretty much says all that needs to be said. Kris' dress had such a glam x military vibe.

Jenner's jewel-toned dress was everything! Of course it's not the sole time she's rocked Balmain in 2015, via the H&M range or otherwise.

The teen has favored the brand's signature micro mini with long sleeves silhouette, rocking it many times at different events.

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The teen slayed the black and gold, long-sleeved, and brocade-like dress, which was part of the H&M high x low mashup. She paired it with OTK black boots and the result was a multi-dimensional look.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Jenner poured her frame into a mega short, gold mini at the 2015 VMAs.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I loved the rope-like construction, the '60s mod shape, and her Cleopatra-inspired bangs.


Long sleeves. Short hem. Balmain. See the pattern? I love that thick gold belt accent!

Jenner clearly works leggy-with-long-sleeves look and is confident and comfortable in it, as she should be. She slays.

I feel bad for her family, though! How can any Christmas present follow up the awesomeness gifted to her by Rousteing?

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (3)